Why You Need a Strength Coach

I’m just going to go ahead and say it…everybody NEEDS a strength coach. Most sport athletes understand the importance of a strength or performance coach to help t hem reach their full potential. Most newbies in the fitness world should hire a strength coach or personal trainer, but even the most experienced trainee could use a strength coach.

I have asked other coaches to help with my own personal strength training programs. Currently I am running a program written by Aaron Ausmus, former big time collegiate strength coach. Not an individualized program but it is still his expertise written down on paper.

There are multiple reasons that people need a strength coach, here are just a few.


We’ve all been there, we just don’t feel like working out or don’t feel like pushing it in the gym that day.

It is at this point that we need a swift kick in the ass…and guess who is there to oblige? Your strength coach.

For that self-motivated reader, good for you but accountability can be a powerful tool in life. It can be a driving force for us getting sh*t done. Knowing you have someone waiting on or watching you can be a big motivator.

They can also keep you accountable to the workout that day. Trying to skip a rep?? Nope, get back under that bar and squat that last rep. Trying to go light when you should be pushing heavy weights around? Your strength coach is there to prod you on to push yourself.

A strength coach can be a huge asset in keeping you accountable and motivated to reach your goals.

Give You What You NEED

As humans it is in our nature to find the easiest road because it is the most comfortable. We often take it easy on ourselves even when we don’t mean to. It is just natural.

This may be the most important role of the strength coach. This is what coaches do best. They help you become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

By having a strength coach, their only goal is to help you reach your goals even if that means you cursing them under your breath. A coach is going to give you what you NEED, not what you want. Often what we “want” doesn’t fall in line with our goals.

By having a coach, you have someone who is helping you be on the right track towards your performance or physique goals.

Side note: there should be some give and take. You should look forward to training and not dread it. If you dread coming to the gym, often you will not stick to it.

They Are The Pros

If you were building a house you wouldn’t hire some bum off the street to help you build it would you? No, because your health and safety is at hand.

The same goes in fitness. Too often I hear of people trying to reach their goals and have no earthly idea how to reach them. Or they get hurt because they don’t know their ass from their elbow when it comes to working out.

Strength coaches have trained and learned to help YOU reach your goals safely and efficiently. They have studied everything from exercise form to program design. They are the experts in the field of strength and conditioning just like the architect and carpenter when it comes to building your house.


A strength coach can be a valuable asset to help you reach your fitness goals, from helping guide down the path to your goals to making you do the things you may suck at but need the most. For workout beginners, I definitely recommend you hiring a strength coach to help educate you as well as to keep you from hurting yourself. We are often our own worst enemies in the gym.