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My Top 5 Reads of 2017

For 2017 I set a goal for myself to 2 books per month and I am still on track with one book to finish. I am not finished with the 24th book but I am pretty confident at this point into the book that it won’t beat the others on my top 5 list for 2017.

Now not all of the books were written in 2017 but I read them in 2017, so there is that. The list is not in any order, just the 5 books that I got the most out of. Check them out!

Start With Why

Wanting to do something bigger? Starting a business? Are you striving for a high level executive? Or maybe you are just wanting to be a better person overall?

You need to know your why! I recommend this book for just about anyone.

Ego Is The Enemy

This was an enjoyable read as Ryan Holiday uses historical stories about people letting their ego get in the way. If lead people, you need to read this.

Conscious Coaching

There are so many books out there about the X’s and O’s about being a strength coach, but Brett Bartholomew saw a void in the coaching of the actually person.

Brett does a great job breaking down the different “archetypes” and how to practically handles each one.

One of the most insightful parts of this book were the excerpts from other coaches who have dealt with each of the archetypes.

If you are a strength coach, or any kind of coach, this is a must read.

InsideOut Coaching

This may have been the most impactful book I read all year. Joe Ehrmann coins the term “transformative coaching” and it has changed how I interact with my athletes.

He goes in dead into how InsideOut Coaching can have a greater effect on your athletes than the “transactional” style of coaching.

If you want to make an impact in your athletes’ and even your children’s lives, you need this book.

High Performance Training For Sports

This book is packed with information for the strength coach!

It is written in a compilation style with all kind stuff of big names writing chapters. For example Joel Jamieson writes about energy system program design and Sue Falsone gives her take on optimizing flexibility.

I read straight through the book the first time but have used it as a reference since then. This is definitely a book that strength coaches should have in their library to refer back to.