Tip: How to Do Heavy Landmine Squats

In my previous article, I discuss the merits of the landmine squats. They are great for those learning to master the squat program as well as those who may be dealing with knee and even low back problems.

The great part about landmine squats is you can really push the intensity, or the load lifted, as compared to the goblet squat. Eventually with the goblet squat it can become difficult for one to hold a dumbbell of significant size in the goblet position. The actually bell gets bigger and bigger as well as harder are on the arms to hold in place.

Due to the smaller end of a barbell, landmine squats make it much easier to squat with heavier loads. There is only one challenge, getting the weight into the goblet position. The goal today is to show you a solution so you can push the limits of the landmine squat.

Proper Set-up For Heavy Landmine Squats

The one problem I have found with landmine squats is when you begin to go heavy. Typically you would squat down to grab the bar and “hoist” the bar up and quickly change your hand position to get under the bar.

Now this is ok for the lighter weights but as the load begins to increase it can become increasingly difficult and the possibility of injury rises as well.

Luckily this quick fix will help you avoid injury when setting up for heavy landmine squats. By resting the landmine on a plyo box you can get the bar into position without risking injury

Make sure to pick a proper box height that will allow you to hit proper depth in your squat.

Once the landmine is in place on top of the plyo box, get into the bottom position of your squat and make sure the end of the barbell is in the goblet position. You have now cut the middle man of transitioning the weight from the ground into the goblet position, cutting the risk of injury significantly.

Check out this video to see how to set up for heavy landmine squats