The Weight Loss Secret

It’s actually quite simple…it’s two words and it has been something that has been sitting right in front of your face your whole life! HARD WORK! Today people want the quick fix. Everyone is so impatient and they want results yesterday. Well I hate to burst your bubble but nothing worth having comes easy.


Now I am probably going to ruffle some feathers here and may lose some readers, so if you are easily offended I’ll go ahead and apologize. There is no magic fat loss pill, no magical weight loss wrap, or secret exercise that is going to shed 15 pounds. If any of these items work, it is not for the long haul. Take these wraps that claim they can take you down a dress/pant size or two are complete pseudoscience. These wraps are “pulling water” from the body or creating dehydration, which may in the short term cause some loss in inches. Guess what, dehydration isn’t a viable and sustainable weight loss solution. You know what is?? Hard work. You show up consistently at the gym and not eat a bunch of crap and guess what?? More than likely you will begin to see some changes, not only in appearance but in how you feel and how much of a better YOU you become.

Throughout the years there have been many fads and crazes that have made a few people a TON of money. One thing still remains constant and seems to have results; hard work and discipline. A lot of these “as seen on TV” scams or get fit quick plans are trash and do not lead to a life full of health and wellness. Results with hard work and discipline may take time but the body isn’t built for huge changes because eventually it will return itself right back.

We must shake the lazy, just “hand it to me” attitude and be prepared to get our hands dirty. If you want something you have to be willing to work for it, and work hard. If you are ready to work hard but don’t know where to start, contact me to find your starting point.