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Why You Need a Strength Coach

I’m just going to go ahead and say it‚Ķeverybody NEEDS a strength coach. Most sport athletes understand the importance of a strength or performance coach to help t hem reach their full potential. Most newbies in the fitness world should hire a strength coach or personal trainer, but even the …

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The Biggest Mistakes in High School Strength and Conditioning

High school may be the most important time of physical, mental, and social development. High school strength and conditioning can have a huge effect on an athlete’s overall development. It can also be a fragile time as the athlete is going through so many changes. That’s why I reached out …

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GTS Best of 2016

There is always a beginning point for everything…for www.gilltrainingsystems.com April 6th was that day. After some encouragement from Kris Watkins, a friend who also helps me create the website, I decided to take my previous blog to the “next level” with a legit website. (Check him out of you need …

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