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8 Takeaways From Spending the Day With Eric Cressey

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a seminar put on by Eric Cressey, baseball strength coach extraordinaire. If you are involved in baseball and haven’t heard of Eric, what rock are you living under?? Eric and his staff at Cressey Sports Performance provide the offseason training programs to …

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High School Athletes Need More Strength and Less Skill

I’ve just completed my 4th year as an athletic trainer at a pretty large high school and my eyes have been opened to the sports specialization problem among high school athletes. I work as an athletic trainer at a school with over 2,000 students and 600-700 of them are student …

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A Better Warm-up

The warm-up is an essential aspect of each training session but most people seriously neglect it. Walk into most gyms and the most warm-up you will see is a couple sets of bench with 135 and some arm swings to get loosened up. Even worse you may see the person …

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