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Why I Am Moving to the Front Squat

The back squat is often considered the holy grail of strength in many gyms and weight rooms all across the world. Men and women strive to put extreme weights across their back and sit down and stand back up with it. It does have an ability to make people really …

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Exercise You Should Try: The Landmine Squat

The squat is called the king of leg exercises by many people, but there are a few problems. Most people do not know how to squat correctly in the first place, and many of those who do are dealing with some sort of injury. Mobility restriction or body structure (leg …

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Squat Progression: Teach Yourself to Squat

The squat is as functional an exercise that you can find. From sitting down on the toilet to jumping, the squat is found everywhere. The squat is a fundamental movement pattern that comes before walking. As babies we are able to squat with ease, but as adults?? Not so much. …

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Open Your Hips With The Prying Goblet Squat

You’re on your first few reps of squats and you feel all the sitting you have been doing throughout the day. Your hips are stiff and you have to fight your way down to the bottom. Well I may have the solution to those tight hips, the prying goblet squat. …

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3 Reasons Your Knees Hurt During Squats

Working with high school athletes, I hear a lot of excuses. “My dog ate my homework.” “I forgot to eat breakfast this morning.” “My boyfriend broke up with me so….” And most times my response is, “Excuses are like butts, everybody has one and they all stink.” In the fitness …

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Squat Deep to Drive Deep: Using the Weigh Room to Build Mobility for Golf


With the Master’s tournament happening a couple weeks ago (with an epic collapse from Jordan Spieth included) and spending me spending last week out at the golf course covering a Champions Tour Tournament, I figured a golf fitness article made sense. I thought who better to write the article than …

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