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Why the Sports Athlete Shouldn’t Do Crossfit

Disclaimer: This post may ruffle some feathers, especially those who follow the cul….I mean do CrossFit Usually I would bash CrossFit…because it’s fun. But CrossFit has done a lot of great things. It has put barbells in people’s hands, especially women. Oh and it has made a ton of money. …

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GTS Quick Tip: Jump to a Bigger Squat

Welcome to the first ever GTS Quick Tip. This will be the occasional quick post that will have some actionable advice to add to your workout program right away. For the first installment of the GTS Quick Tip I’ll show you one way to increase your squat performance with one …

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2 Ways You’re Screwing Up Box Jumps

Speed and power are qualities that can separate a good athlete from a great athlete. Think of all the great athletes like Lebron James, Adrian Peterson, or Bo Jackson. They all expressed great power and speed that separated themselves from the rest of the world. Whether it’s Lebron with a …

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