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8 Takeaways From Spending the Day With Eric Cressey

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a seminar put on by Eric Cressey, baseball strength coach extraordinaire. If you are involved in baseball and haven’t heard of Eric, what rock are you living under?? Eric and his staff at Cressey Sports Performance provide the offseason training programs to …

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Why You Should Be Doing The Face Pull

Go to any local gym on a Monday, International Chest Day, and you will see a sea of dudes with jacked up shoulders bench pressing. Many having to fight through pain on every rep. It seems to be in the DNA of men especially to want to press something off …

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Band Pull-apart: The Shoulder Saver

Band Pull-apart

In weight rooms and gyms across the world, the bench press is the ultimate sign of strength in the male human specimen. The state of New Jersey and specifically the Jersey Shore has the motto of “How much ya bench???” With the focus on bench press and pec development, the …

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