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Girl Push-ups: Please Stop! There is a Better Option

I know what you’re thinking, “Another push-up article?” Well this one is important, and needs to be stated. STOP WITH THE “GIRL PUSH-UPS”!!!!! Nothing makes my eyes bleed more than the “girl push-up”, or a push-up done from the knees. In fact, the name is offensive to women. I know …

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Master The Push-up Before the Bench Press

How much ya bench bro?” A common question heard coming from a bro’s mouth all over the world. Especially on Monday’s, International Chest Day. The bench press has for some reason become the “mating call” of human males. For some people, the bench press has become what separates the men …

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GTS Tip: Band Pull-apart Tweaks to Fry Your Rear Delts

If you look at most gym bros who love to bench press you’ll notice one thing, imbalance. Most of these bros have anterior delts and pecs that overpower their neglected rear delts. This imbalance can lead to wrecked shoulders over time. The band pull-apart is a great exercise for any …

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The Overhead Shrug

The trapezius, or traps as known in bro culture, can separate the men from the boys and help girls make a tank top look really good. When most people think of training the traps, and specifically the upper traps, they think of the tradition barbell shrug. But there is more …

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Why You Should Be Doing The Face Pull

Go to any local gym on a Monday, International Chest Day, and you will see a sea of dudes with jacked up shoulders bench pressing. Many having to fight through pain on every rep. It seems to be in the DNA of men especially to want to press something off …

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The Overhead Lifts: Earned Not Given

The right to overhead press is earned and not given, but most people start way ahead of themselves. With the increase in overhead lifts like pressing and snatching, there has been an increase in people walking around with banged up shoulder. Often people continue to try to train through the …

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Band Pull-apart: The Shoulder Saver

Band Pull-apart

In weight rooms and gyms across the world, the bench press is the ultimate sign of strength in the male human specimen. The state of New Jersey and specifically the Jersey Shore has the motto of “How much ya bench???” With the focus on bench press and pec development, the …

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No “T” in Push Up: One Cue to Save Your Shoulders

Push up

The push up is the king of functional upper body exercises. Ok maybe the pull-up wins but not much can beat an exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime. We’ve all heard “drop and give me 20!” Little has to be done to set-up for the push up other …

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Grip and Grow


The grip, a relatively small aspect of the body, is extremely powerful in terms of results. The grip can make or break you in feats of strength, from climbing a rope to lifting 500 pounds. It can also lead to huge gains but if left out of training can hold …

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