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4 Squat Variations to Build Your Legs That Are Not The Back Squat

The squat has been called the “king of exercises” because of its ability to build strength and muscle but so many people only think of the back squat. Heck there has even been a “month” named after the squat. “Squatober”. In fact, today is the last day of the glorious …

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The WORST: 5 Exercises to Avoid and How to Replace Them

Now that I’ve gotten your eyes with a click-baiting title I have to offer one disclaimer. I am not one to say any exercise sucks because their is so much to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of an exercise. How To Assess An Exercise First you must consider your goals. …

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The Goblet Rearfoot Elevated Split Squat

Gill Baby Number 2 (Riley Kate is her name) has put her mark on our house and it has obviously effected my writing. It’s hard to find time between work, helping my wife chase around a 2 year old and care for a baby with no sense of schedule, and …

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