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Why You Need a Strength Coach

I’m just going to go ahead and say it…everybody NEEDS a strength coach. Most sport athletes understand the importance of a strength or performance coach to help t hem reach their full potential. Most newbies in the fitness world should hire a strength coach or personal trainer, but even the …

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Most people aimlessly wonder through their fitness journey, with not rhyme or reason to their workouts. Some people just workout to punish themselves for indulging too much or because they “let themselves go”. They just go move some weight or themselves around and not cause any real change. Their training is …

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GTS Best of 2016

There is always a beginning point for everything…for www.gilltrainingsystems.com April 6th was that day. After some encouragement from Kris Watkins, a friend who also helps me create the website, I decided to take my previous blog to the “next level” with a legit website. (Check him out of you need …

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How Strength Training Can Make You Better at Running

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You can look throughout social media and see it’s that time a year when people are running marathons, half-marathons, and 10k’s. In Atlanta, in which I live in the metropolitan area of, they host the world’s largest 10k on July 4th. Tens of thousands of runners flock to downtown on …

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