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9 to 5 Back Pain Part 2: Fixing Your Sleepy Glutes

In part 2 of 9 to 5 Back Pain, we will take a look at how sitting cause your glutes to “fall asleep” and reek havoc on your back. The glutes functional anatomy make it the powerhouse of athletic movements and also create a strong stable body but their biggest …

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Workout Wednesday: 2/24/2016

Welcome to the first Workout Wednesday here at Gill Training Systems! Each Wednesday I will give you a little look into my own training. My hope in this is to give you some ideas to implement in your own workouts. Today’s workout was a conditioning session involving two simple, yet …

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9 to 5 Back Pain Part 1: Introduction

Back pain is one of the most prevalent orthopedic conditions that affects the world today. According to the NIH, 8/10 people will be affected by back pain at some point in life. Whether caused by structural damage or just wear and tear of everyday life, it can be annoying and …

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