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High School Athletes Need More Strength and Less Skill

I’ve just completed my 4th year as an athletic trainer at a pretty large high school and my eyes have been opened to the sports specialization problem among high school athletes. I work as an athletic trainer at a school with over 2,000 students and 600-700 of them are student …

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Build Your Base, Build Foot Strength

If you know even a little bit about building something, you know that a strong foundation is the first thing that must be considered. Any structure needs a strong and sound base. For the human body, the foot is the foundation of the structure. Imagine two buildings, one on solid …

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4 Benefits of Eccentric Training

We’ve all heard it, “control the weight on the way down.” But why?? Avoiding injury? Sure, but there is more to it though. Eccentric training can be a powerful tool in building muscle and explosive strength. Types of Muscle Contraction Muscle action or contraction can be divided into three different …

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