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Should Everyone Deadlift?? No and Yes, Let Me Explain

Should everyone deadlift?? In the traditional straight bar from the floor with heavy weights fashion? No, but if you can it definitely will give you some street cred. But if you are talking about basic human movement, yes. In short, a deadlift is a hip hinge, one of the basic …

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All About The Single-leg Romanian Deadlift

Few exercises provide the strength and stability stimulus while sparing the spine quite like the single-leg Romanian deadlift, or the RDL. Athletes and weekend warriors alike can benefit from this exercise. For athletes, it increases single-leg strength needed for sprinting, jumping, and changing directions. For the weekend warrior, the single-leg …

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Exercises You Should Try: Supine Hip Extension Leg Curl

Before I was able to get the garage gym set up, I was a commercial gym goer. I used to see people bored with their training doing the same exercises or barely breaking a sweat. My goal with this series is to prevent boredom with exercises and give you, the …

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