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GTS Reading List: 4/16/16

Some great stuff articles coming at you this week! The Secret of Weight Loss Wrap “It Works!” Is That it F*@#ing Doesn’t Great article on the “magic” of the “It Works!” Wraps and their claims from James Fell rom bodyforlife.com. Be prepared for some strong language but a very good …

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The Weight Loss Secret

It’s actually quite simple…it’s two words and it has been something that has been sitting right in front of your face your whole life! HARD WORK! Today people want the quick fix. Everyone is so impatient and they want results yesterday. Well I hate to burst your bubble but nothing …

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GTS Reading List

The best part of the Internet is the infinite amount of information, but where to start? Well at the end of each week (Saturday) I am going to put a list together of the 5 best articles I found. I take the search work out and all you have to …

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