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Why the Sports Athlete Shouldn’t Do Crossfit

Disclaimer: This post may ruffle some feathers, especially those who follow the cul….I mean do CrossFit Usually I would bash CrossFit…because it’s fun. But CrossFit has done a lot of great things. It has put barbells in people’s hands, especially women. Oh and it has made a ton of money. …

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Dear Psycho Trainer

Dear Psycho Trainer, I’ve seen your damage…whether it is on the treatment table as I am fixing your former or even current clients or they come to me because your training has left them broken down and dreading training. You take great pride in your ability to break people. Often …

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The WORST: 5 Exercises to Avoid and How to Replace Them

Now that I’ve gotten your eyes with a click-baiting title I have to offer one disclaimer. I am not one to say any exercise sucks because their is so much to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of an exercise. How To Assess An Exercise First you must consider your goals. …

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2 Ways You’re Screwing Up Box Jumps

Speed and power are qualities that can separate a good athlete from a great athlete. Think of all the great athletes like Lebron James, Adrian Peterson, or Bo Jackson. They all expressed great power and speed that separated themselves from the rest of the world. Whether it’s Lebron with a …

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Train Hard, Train Smart: Challenge Workouts

Challenge Workouts

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I know I did, with plenty of grillable meats, 12 ounce curls, and even a concert after a baseball game. What’s more American than baseball and beer?? How about baseball, beer, and country music! (Side note: Chris Stapleton is worth the price …

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My Thoughts On CrossFit

Crossfit is the current fitness flavor of the month, much like p90x was a couple years ago. There seem to be two types of people in this world in terms of opinions on Crossfit, the cult-like followers and the people who find every chance to bash it. I would have …

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