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Master the Hip Hinge: The Powerhouse of Athletic Movement

Want to be strong and powerful? We’ve all heard the saying “it’s all in the hips” and it couldn’t have been more true. This is why it is so important to master the hip hinge. The hip hinge, which can simply be described as hip extension, is one of the …

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The Hip Flexor Stretch Fix

In today’s work environment people spend eight to ten hours a day slumped over their computer typing away on work reports. In an old post 9 to 5 Back Pain Part 1, I talk about how sitting for so long can wreak havoc on your body. Then in Part 3, …

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3 Reasons Your Knees Hurt During Squats

Working with high school athletes, I hear a lot of excuses. “My dog ate my homework.” “I forgot to eat breakfast this morning.” “My boyfriend broke up with me so….” And most times my response is, “Excuses are like butts, everybody has one and they all stink.” In the fitness …

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Band Pull-apart: The Shoulder Saver

Band Pull-apart

In weight rooms and gyms across the world, the bench press is the ultimate sign of strength in the male human specimen. The state of New Jersey and specifically the Jersey Shore has the motto of “How much ya bench???” With the focus on bench press and pec development, the …

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