The Simplest Workout Finisher

In this complicated day and age, we could all use more simplicity. Our workouts should not add to the problem. Sticking to the simple basics can still get you the results you want. One workout finisher is as simple as it gets.

When you think of men (heck even the women) of yesteryear, you think of a strong crushing grip build through hard labor. Before technology began to turn us into lazy bums, hard work using your hands was how most people made their living. Well using loaded carries as a workout finisher can return us to the days of yesteryear.

Brief Review of the Loaded Carry

I wrote THIS article a while back about the loaded carry and it’s benefits as well as variations. Today’s article we will use the most basic variation, the Farmer’s Carry or the bilateral loaded carry.

The set-up is simple, all you need is tow objects of considerable weight. You can use dumbbells, kettlebells, or anything you can carry in your hands while walking.

The learning curve with this exercise is fast. You pick up the weight, maintain a neutral spine throughout, and walk.

The farmer’s carry is the perfect exercise for a workout finisher. It is the quentisental full body exercise. It challenges everything from your grip strength to your hip and core stability. It could be called the “walking plank”.

The full body nature burns a ton of calories and is a great way to condition the body.

The Farmer’s Carry Workout Finisher

The farmer’s carry is the simplest workout finisher because all you need is some heavy stuff to carry and a stretch of ground to walk on. Proper form also doesn’t take much to learn.

As the term insinuates, a workout finisher is meant to cap off your workout. I prefer workout finishers for a short “cardio” at the end of a workout and the farmer’s carry is perfect for this.

Farmer’s carries can be done for for either time or distance depending on your goals.

Farmer’s Carry For Time

1 to 2 minute work intervals can be absolutely brutal. They will leave you panting and wishing you had never picked the weight up in the first place. Farmer’s carry for time can be great for building work capacity and endurance.

It can also build some mental toughness. Holding onto a weight for 2 minutes can be a real mind-bender. All you can think about is putting the weight down.

Keep rest periods around a 1:1 or 1:.5 work-to-rest ratio.

Farmer’s Carry For Distance

Farmer’s carries can also be done for specific distances, usually between 25 and 50 yards. Here you will want to load it up heavy to create enough intensity.

Give 5 to 10 sets of 25 to 50 yards

30 sec to 1 minute rest.


A workout finisher doesn’t have to be complicated. The farmer’s carry keeps things simple. They are great for building grip and full body strength while also helping you shed body fat. Pick up some heavy stuff, walk with it and have some fun.