Random Thoughts While My Youngest Daughter Naps: First Edition

When you have two little girls…one who can’t hardly talk, you get very little time to sit down in your own thoughts. So I figured I’d take a page from my buddy, and pretty bad ass trainer, Brett Cummins(you can find him here) and just spill my thoughts onto paper…while that cute little girl is taking a nap

This may suck…but here we go!

1. Most women don’t realize how hard they have to train or how much food they have to eat to “get bulky”.

Women have an unfounded fear of getting bulky. They avoid food and lifting moderately heavy weight for fear of looking “bulky”. They see a guy lifting heavy weights and putting on some mass and they think the same will happen to them. Welp ladies, do not fear. Your physiological make up makes it much harder to put on substantial muscle size. So go get strong AF!

2. High school kids think they eat a lot, and then I laugh at them.

Athlete: “Mitch, I eat a lot! Why can’t I gain any weight??”
Me: “Well what did you eat today??”
Athlete: “Well I didn’t have anything for breakfast.”
Me: “STOP!”

Then I proceed to go into how much that athlete may need to eat and how far they are behind for the day when they miss breakfast. For some, the light bulb comes of….for some it’s dead as a door nail.

I don’t know if it is lack of education or what, but I am constantly getting this question. I attempt to educate but I know for some high school kids, things just won’t change or sadly they just can’t.

3. Let your kids play.

Stop forcing your kids into organized, competitive sports at such a young age. You’re taking away from their childhood. I remember growing up playing all kinds of games in the street…dodge cars coming down the road makes for great speed and agility drills.

Let your gets get outside and climb trees, jump their bike off a ramp and break their arm, or rope swing into a lake. This may be the missing “training” that your kid needs to be the athlete that you vicariously live through.

4. Some doctors have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to exercise

I got a text the other day from a colleague of mine and here is how it basically went.

“Friend: I have an athlete’s mom tell me an ortho told her her 15 year-old, 240-250 pound son shouldn’t be lifting more than 225 pounds. Initial thoughts on this??”

In my head this is what I’m thinking

But I go onto ask if the doctor had any reasoning for this but there was none. No previous injury. No aches and pains. Nothing.

This doc is in fact setting this young man up for injury, on the field. This young man is going to face loads of well over 225 pounds on the football field. Is his body going to be ready to handle that?? More than likely no.

And let’s not forget, this young man probably will be sitting on the bench as his teammates surpass him as they get bigger, stronger, and faster.


Hope you enjoyed a peak into my mind!