Other Things I Did In 2017

2017 has been fun. Connected with new people who I would consider friends. I also branched out and began to write for some other publications.

I wanted to give you a quick review of some bright spots from things I have done outside of this website.

Here ya go!

Saved By The Barbell Podcast Episode 12: How Can We Better Prepare Our Athletes

This was fun. I was nervous as hell going into it but once we got rolling it was like chatting with the boys. Kevin and Justin do a great job with their podcast. Check it out!

Listen Here

5 Mini-Band Exercises to Warm Up Your Glutes and Improve Your Performance

This was my first attempt at writing for STACK.com and I implement these exercises in both my warm-ups as well as in my rehabs.

Got knee and back problems? You probably need to get those glutes firing

Check it out!

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5 Ways to Build Core Strength by Carrying Heavy Weights

One of the best ways to build core strength is to pick up heavy stuff. In this STACK.com article, I give you 5 loaded carry variations to build core strength. Give them a try and tell me what you think!

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4 Vertical Jump Training Mistakes

I see these 4 mistakes made in many athletes training when they are trying to increase their vertical jump. Sad part is some coaches are making these same mistakes with their athletes.

Don’t waste your precious time by committing these mistakes in your jump training.

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Hope you have a successful and plentiful 2018!