An Open Letter To My Daughters

Becoming a parent makes you much more aware of the world around not just you, but those you love. I see a lot of things that make me cringe about my girls growing up in this world, and especially when it comes to the fitness world. Here is a letter to my girls,

To the two prettiest girls in all the world,

The world can be a scary place but I hope I am able to teach you a couple lessons.

Don’t Listen To Society

Society for the most part has no clue. They don’t know what they are talking about on most topics…and especially when it comes to fitness.

I shake my head every time Gwynyth Paltrow(hopefully she is unknown by the time you read this) opens her mouth about anything health related.

Society worships bodies like Kim Kardashian, when they are unattainable. Hell, Kim doesn’t even have the body she puts out in social media. With enough photoshop and surgery you can have that body too.

Instead, I hope you strive to be the strongest, healthiest person you can be and not fall into the fads. Don’t let what you see in mainstream media influence you.

Strength Is NOT A Weakness

For some reason society, has strived to keep our women weak. Remember this girls, strength is never a weakness.

Any man who discourages you from being strong, is more than likely weak and insecure. If your strength scares them, they aren’t worthy of your greatness.

Being strong has more pros than cons. It will make you better at whatever sport(s) you decide to play. You’ll be more resilient, and you will be harder to kidnap.

Don’t let someone’s words or actions push you away from trying to be the best version of yourself.

Muscle Is NOT A Bad Thing

A little muscle never hurt anyone…unless it is used to shut someone else up.

You may hear, “You don’t want to get too big.” Those people suck. They have no clue what they are talking about. And guess what, you probably aren’t going to “get big”.

Instead, after you have a little muscle people will begin to take notice in a good way. In fact, the “toned” look that most people are striving from comes from having some muscle.

In Conclusion

Ladies, basically what I am trying to tell you….be a badass. Lift heavy stuff. Strive to be the best version of yourself. Work hard and don’t listen to what the idiots of the world have to say.