Exercise You Should Try: Prone-to-Seated Row

What is the one common denominator in people who are strong?? A big, strong back. An impressive set of lats can not only set your physique apart from the rest of the people in the gym but it can also help set the table for a big bench, deadlift, and even your squat.

Today I bring to you an exercise that can help you build that big back without becoming a wound up ball of muscle.

We have all seen the bodybuilder who cannot lift his arms above his head because his lats are too tight. The lats are prone to becoming tight so adding in some stretch into the working range of motion can help prevent this.

The prone to seated row is a great pulling variation to help you maintain some elasticity within the lats.

The Prone to Seated Row

I must give credit where credit is due. I found this exercise through Jim “Diesel” Smith and his instagram account.

The exercise starts with the lats in a fully stretched position and ends with an intense contraction of the lats. It looks like a combination between a lat pulldown and a seated row.

User beware. You may start suffer from ILS, Imaginary Lat Syndrome, due to the muscle pump of the lats.

The Set-up

Equipment needed

  • Bench
  •  Cable Column or Bands
  • Rope attachment (In the following video I used Smith’s new Diesel Accessory Strap that you can find HERE. If you don’t have one, you should get one.)

How to

  • Incline the bench to between 45 and 60 degrees
  • Cable or bands set high.
  • Sit on bench and begin with body resting on the bench and arms stretched overhead while holding attachment.
  • Begin to pull as you raise from a prone to more erect, seated position.
  • Pull to your chest and squeeze lats and upper back.
  • Slowly return to prone and stretched position
  • Feel the “stretch” at the top and repeat for desired reps.

How to Use

The prone-to-seated row is a great pulling accessory lift. I prefer to use this exercise with higher reps and as a finisher on an upper back day. Chase the pump with this exercise and grow those wings!