Band Pull-apart: The Shoulder Saver

Band Pull-apart

In weight rooms and gyms across the world, the bench press is the ultimate sign of strength in the male human specimen. The state of New Jersey and specifically the Jersey Shore has the motto of “How much ya bench???” With the focus on bench press and pec development, the …

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3 Exercises That You Should Get Rid Of

Walk into any local gym and you will see all kinds of new and different exercises. Some good and some bad. Some help you move better, stronger, and healthier and others should just be left alone. Some of the worst exercises have been around since the bodybuilding became a sport, …

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No “T” in Push Up: One Cue to Save Your Shoulders

Push up

The push up is the king of functional upper body exercises. Ok maybe the pull-up wins but not much can beat an exercise that can be done anywhere and anytime. We’ve all heard “drop and give me 20!” Little has to be done to set-up for the push up other …

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3 Common Kettlebell Swing Mistakes

Kettlebell swing mistakes

The kettlebell swing builds a powerful posterior chain, sheds fat off your body, and is overall badass and you can read how and why at Why You Should All Swing. The kettlebell swing looks simple but is often done totally wrong. I’ve even seen “personal trainers” who don’t seem to …

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Pick Up and Move: The Loaded Carry

We’ve all been there, the back of the car full of groceries and there is nothing more frustrating than having to make two trips for the rest of the groceries. There is even a meme claiming you are a weakling if you don’t carry all the groceries in one trip. …

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Have Terrible Posture? Try The Bat Wing Hold!

Poor posture is an issue that many people struggle with. The cause is often a combination of factors. Poor sitting mechanics(9-to-5 links), weak upper back musculature, or an infatuation with how much you can bench can wreck your posture. A combination of any of these factors can lead to shoulder …

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9 to 5 Back Pain Part 4: How To Put It To Workouts

In part 2 and 3 we discussed how to help fix your sleepy glutes and unlock your tight hip flexors. I will go through how to implement some of these techniques in your training. With proper strength training you can reverse some of the effects of sitting as well. Attacking …

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9 to 5 Back Pain Part 3: Unlocking Your Hip Flexors

In part 3 of 9 to 5 Back Pain, we will discuss the effects sitting has on the hip flexors and the ramifications it has on your back. The biggest ramification of sitting on the hip flexors is shortening of the muscles which can create postural abnormalities that put undue …

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9 to 5 Back Pain Part 2: Fixing Your Sleepy Glutes

In part 2 of 9 to 5 Back Pain, we will take a look at how sitting cause your glutes to “fall asleep” and reek havoc on your back. The glutes functional anatomy make it the powerhouse of athletic movements and also create a strong stable body but their biggest …

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9 to 5 Back Pain Part 1: Introduction

Back pain is one of the most prevalent orthopedic conditions that affects the world today. According to the NIH, 8/10 people will be affected by back pain at some point in life. Whether caused by structural damage or just wear and tear of everyday life, it can be annoying and …

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