Movement vs. Muscles Part 2: Lower Body Movement

Lower body strength and quality of movement has a greater effect on fitness, athletic performance, and every day life. Lower body strength allows you to create a greater ground reaction force, or the force that we place into the ground to jump, run, and even walk. Studies have shown that …

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Muscles vs. Movements Part 1: Introduction

Getting bigger muscles, getting stronger, or being more fit are all goals that people interested in fitness strive for and each person has their belief on the best way to achieve those goals. In my early years of working out, or my college (ignorant) years, I thought that doing set …

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My Thoughts On CrossFit

Crossfit is the current fitness flavor of the month, much like p90x was a couple years ago. There seem to be two types of people in this world in terms of opinions on Crossfit, the cult-like followers and the people who find every chance to bash it. I would have …

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