Most Overrated Style of Training

Unstable Surface Training

The Internet is littered with pictures of people attempting exercises on a BOSU Ball or a stability ball. They are kind of like a party trick, it’s cool to try but what good does it have for your everyday life? The problem is when the party tricks start becoming an …

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My New Favorite “Cardio” Machines: Tire and Sledgehammer

Tire and Sledgehammer

Winter has faded away and temperatures are starting to rise! Flowers have bloomed and the yellow dust has made its presence known. Warmer temperatures and the sun being out means one thing…OUTSIDE WORKOUTS! (well that don’t leave you with frost bite). I recently started looking for some outside workouts and …

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GTS Reading List: 4/23/16

Today I am spending most of my waking hours covering an AAU basketball tournament at the high school I am responsible for…that has allowed me to catch up on my weekly reading! Here are some articles to check out when you have a free minute this weekend. Enjoy! Tip: Lift …

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Squat Deep to Drive Deep: Using the Weigh Room to Build Mobility for Golf


With the Master’s tournament happening a couple weeks ago (with an epic collapse from Jordan Spieth included) and spending me spending last week out at the golf course covering a Champions Tour Tournament, I figured a golf fitness article made sense. I thought who better to write the article than …

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GTS Reading List: 4/16/16

Some great stuff articles coming at you this week! The Secret of Weight Loss Wrap “It Works!” Is That it F*@#ing Doesn’t Great article on the “magic” of the “It Works!” Wraps and their claims from James Fell rom Be prepared for some strong language but a very good …

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Exercises You Should Try: Tate Press

Are you the person who feels strong with the bench press off your chest but can’t finish the lockout?? Your limiting factor in the lockout is primarily the triceps and I may have the exercise for you, the Tate Press! Where did I get it from? I did not get …

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The Weight Loss Secret

It’s actually quite simple…it’s two words and it has been something that has been sitting right in front of your face your whole life! HARD WORK! Today people want the quick fix. Everyone is so impatient and they want results yesterday. Well I hate to burst your bubble but nothing …

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3 Ways to Train for an Obstacle Course Race

Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course Races are the new in vogue fitness trend and has taken off in popularity rather quickly. In 2015, 4.5 million people participated worldwide in an obstacle course race. That is a 2,250 percent increase from 2010 when there were around 200,000 participants worldwide. The Spartan Race and the …

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GTS Reading List

The best part of the Internet is the infinite amount of information, but where to start? Well at the end of each week (Saturday) I am going to put a list together of the 5 best articles I found. I take the search work out and all you have to …

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Exercises You Should Try: Supine Hip Extension Leg Curl

Before I was able to get the garage gym set up, I was a commercial gym goer. I used to see people bored with their training doing the same exercises or barely breaking a sweat. My goal with this series is to prevent boredom with exercises and give you, the …

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