Hello! My name is Mitch Gill!
I am an athletic trainer by trade and a strength coach by passion. I am also the creator of Gill Training Systems. GTS was created out of a desire of mine to educate the general public on how to become a better version of themselves through health and fitness.
Through GTS, I offer fitness tips and knowledge based on exercise science principles and my own person experience. Through my sports medicine background, I have had the pleasure of working with 100’s of athletes who are working to both compete at their highest level and return from injury. I don’t just write about strength, mobility, and conditioning but I live it. I practice what I preach through such methods as kettlebell¬†training, powerlifting, and hypertrophy training.
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My hope is to be able to bridge the gap between injury prevention and fitness through online coaching, providing workout programs based on YOUR needs and interests. To learn more about what online coaching offers, click HERE