The Best of the Week: Things You Shouldn’t Miss 9/23-9/30

Well I’ve been spending the last few days in Oregon. My first time in Oregon! It’s beautiful out here.

Anyways, this week there was some great content dropped. Check it out!

My Personal Shenanigans

5 Tips For The Tall Lifter From a Tall Lifter

I know a thing or two about being tall. I share 5 tips for the tall lifter in the weight room. If you are vertically impressive, you should check it out!

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Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

The Definitive Guide To Getting Injured

Written by Justin Ochoa via

Probably one of the best titles I have ever seen. Justin gives you a guideline on how to hurt yourself in a sarcastic way of course.

This quote from the article will give you a brief synopsis of why Justin wrote this article:

This is a definitive guide on how you can immediately turn training from a beneficial activity into a highly risky one. Some of these things I’ve learned from firsthand experience in my own life while others I’ve witnessed from afar. Some are just common sense, or at least you’d think. I can’t say that I’ve done all these myself, but I definitely have learned a lot about training through and around pain. Do these ten things, and you’ll surely get injured. Avoid them? Well, you’ll probably get bigger, faster, stronger, healthier and continue to do so for a long time.

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Upper Back Training To Build Your Bench Press

Written By: Tony Bonvechio

Tony goes in depth into how a strong upper back can help boost your bench press. He also gives you the how on building your upper back.

Check out this quote from the article:

Your back creates the foundation from which you bench press. Think of it like the foundation of a building. If you’re going to build a skyscraper, you wouldn’t build it on loose sand, you’d build it on solid cement.

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The Deload Week: Yes, No, Maybe So?

Written By: Tony Gentilcore

Tony G breaks down the deload in the best way he knows how, with curse words! But in all seriousness he kills it. Check it!

If you’re a competitive athlete with an in and off-season and your livelihood relies on your ability to perform at high level or you’re someone who’s strong AF, it’s likely you’ll benefit from a healthy diet of deload weeks.

On the other hand, if you’re Dale from accounting and you spent two weeks on 5/3/1 or, I don’t know, took a CrossFit class two days in a row, relax, you don’t need a deload week.

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Getting Back in the Game: Helping Athletes Mentally Prepare After an Injury

Written By: Justin Ochoa, but he also asks me a few things!

This is a good read for anyone who deals with injured athletes. Whether you are the parent of an injured athlete, a physical therapist or athletic trainer, or a strength coach helping them return to peak performance this is for you.

Here is a quick quote that Justin included from me:

“The biggest issue most athletes face when returning from injury is confidence, or lack thereof. They often lack confidence in the ability to perform at a pre-injury level, or to do so without reinjuring,” -Mitch Gill

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