The Best of the Week: Things You Shouldn’t Miss 9/17-9/23

Hope you had a great week! There was some unbelievable content that came out this week but let’s first start with a review of my personal shenanigans.

My Personal Shenanigans

Should Women Strength Train Differently Than Men?

I posed the question this week, “Should women strength train differently than men?” My answer….Yes and No. Find out why.

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Exercise You Should Try: Prone-to-Seated Row

Check out a different rowing variation to really fry the upper back!

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Articles You Don’t Want to Miss

8 Favorite Mobility Exercises of Trainers

Organized and Written By: John Papp via

I’ll give you two reasons you need to read this article. 1.) I contributed and 2.) Most people probably need more mobility.

Can you guess what kind of mobility exercise I picked??

A stiff thoracic spine can lead to compensations in the shoulders, neck, and the lower back when we exercise and move. Most of us are stuck in flexion and need to work on both extension and rotation of this spinal segment.

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3 Common Power Training Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Written by: Dr. Andy Galapin via Trainheroic

Dr. Galapin gives great insight on three mistakes people make when they are training to become more powerful. Check out this quote from the article,

While improving peak power and the ability to sustain a given power output over time sound identical, the distinction is critical as it explains a massive proportion of power training mistakes.

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5 Ways I Include Single Leg Training in My Programs

Written by: Tony Gentilcore

Tony gives a peak into how and why he programs single-leg exercises into his training programs.

Let this quick quote get your gears turning:

I’d rather people use a load they can control and perform it for high(er) reps than to grab the heaviest weight possible and make perhaps do more harm than good.

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Something For Your Ears

Stop & Give Me 20 Podcast Episode 45- Girls Gone Strong Badass Molly Galbraith

Great interview with Molly Galbraith from Girls Gone Strong. She drops some serious heat on women’s fitness and body image.

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