The Best of the Week: Things You Shouldn’t Miss 1/7-1/13

It’s that time! The best of the week! Have some really good content for you to check out this week. Check it out.

My Personal Shenanigans

3 Things Men Can Learn From Women In The Gym

Men tend to be know-it-alls in the gym…but they should start paying attention to the women in the gym. They may learn a thing or two

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Stuff You Shouldn’t Miss

You Need New Habits, Not New Goals

Written by Nick Buchan

Nick from Stronger Golf brings it with this article. If you are trying to reach those New Years Resolutions you set, then you should read this.

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What’s Better for Weight Loss: Cardio or Lifting Weights

Written by Tony Gentilcore

I am pretty much a fan of just about everything Tony G puts out…and once again, he hit a home run. Trying to lose weight? This article may help you decide the best route.

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Something For Your Ears

JuggLife Podcast: Youth Training Considerations

If you work with youth or have young kids and want some guidance on your kids training, you should give this a listen. Max and Chad from Juggernaut Training talk mostly about the development of weight lifters but it has some great insights that could cross over to other sports.

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Saved By The Barbell Podcast: Helping Athletes Find Their Edge W/ Tim DiFrancesco

My two buddies Justin Ochoa and Kevin Warren had Tim DiFrancesco, former strength and conditioning coach of the LA Lakers and found of TD Athletes Edge, on their podcast. They ask him Kobe Bryant Questions, about his road to the NBA, and how he is continuing to help athletes reach peak performance.

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