The Best of the Week: Things You Shouldn’t Miss 12/3-12/9

Hope you had a great week! There was a ton of good content out this week. Check out some of my favorites!

My Personal Shenanigans

Why Women Shouldn’t be Afraid of a Little Muscle

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Articles You Shouldn’t Miss

Tip: Strengthen Your Deeep Core Muscles

Written by: Kelvin King Jr.

Kelvin is always coming up with useful exercise variations. He doesn’t disappoint with some beginner exercise variations to progress towards the “Stir The Pot” plank variation. Check it out.

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How To Use The Hex (Trap) Bar for Sports Training

Written by: Carl Valle via

Carl starts off the article admitting he is not a fan of the trap bar in training athletes but gives some insightful ways to use it. Check it out here

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3 Missing Links in Your Hypertrophy Training

Written by: Jason Colley via

Jason gives you 3 “tips” to help make your muscle building efforts more fruitful. Check it out.

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Something For Your Ears

Jim Kielbaso: A Rational Approach to Understanding Youth Athletics and Fitness-Rdella Training Podcast

Jim is one of the leaders in youth athletic development and he shares his theories in how  to develop a better overall athlete.

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Mike Israetel: Training and Nutrition for Beginners-JuggLife Podcast

Dr. Israetel is one of my go-to sources for a lot of training and nutrition information. He breaks down how a beginner can effectively see gains in both strength and hypertrophy.

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