The Best of the Week: Things You Shouldn’t Miss 12/10-12/7

Hope had a good week and hope you’ve  bought all your Christmas gifts! Well if you are stalling on finishing your shopping, here is some stuff to fill the time!

My Personal Shenanigans

Tight Hamstrings? That May Not Be The Real Issue

Check out why your hamstrings may not be tight for the reason you think and how to fix it

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Articles You Shouldn’t Miss

8 Landmine Exercises For Athletic Performance

Written by: John Garrish via TrainHeroic

I have been waiting for an article from Coach Garrish on landmine exercises for a while now. If you follow him on IG you see he implements a lot of landmine variations into his athletes’ programs. Check out some landmine exercises to help yours or your athlete’s performance.

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Should You Lift Weights to Failure?

Written by: James Fell

James talks with Bret Contreras and Brad Schoenfeld, two big names in building muscle, and they give their opinions on training to failure. Check it out.

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Social Media Stuff

In the 12 days leading up to Christmas I have been giving a new press variation each day. Check out a couple of the variations that have been feature.