The Best of the Week: Things You Shouldn’t Miss 1/14-1/20

Welcome back for another Best of The Week!

My Personal Shenanigans

Build an Aerobic Base For Better Performance

Find out why you need to build your aerobic base for better performance

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5 Ways to Make an Exercise Harder Without Adding Weight

Check out a few simple ways to make an exercise harder

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Stuff You Shouldn’t Miss

Everything You Need to Know About Recovering

Written by: Mike Israetel via Juggernaut Training

Recovery is a big part of progress, and Dr. Israetel gives a thorough breakdown of what does and doesn’t work. If you got the time, this is worth the read!

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The Best Three Deadlift Variations for Athletes With Back Pain

Written by Justin Ochoa via TeamBuildr

Justin knows a thing or two about training with back pain, and he gives you 3 great variations to train the hip hinge with low back pain.

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Something For Your Ears

 FitDad Fitness Podcast Ep 32: Managing priorities when life hits you with a literal hurricane, with Kevin Warren

Take a listen to this podcast with my friend Kevin Warren. He had a rough month last year dealing with a hurricane, his mother’s passing and the birth of his son(although I’m sure that was joyous). He talks about how he was able to juggle so much and still keep his health a priority.

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