The Best of the Week: Things You Shouldn’t Miss 11/20-12/2

With the holiday last week I got caught up in all the travel and family time that I forgot to put up a Best of the Week last week so now you get a best of the last two weeks! Enjoy!

My Personal Shenanigans

Could Your FitBit Be Holding You Back? 8 Insights From Unplugged

I recently finished reading Unplugged by Dr. Andy Galpin and Brian Mackenzie. Some big insights came out of the book for me that I though many people needed to hear

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The Five Exercise Assignment

An article on EliteFTS by Nic Bronkall inspired this article. Pick only five exercises to train your athletes all year and why. Here are my answers.

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5 Baseball Exercises That Increase Hitting and Throwing Power

Check out my most recent article on If you are a baseball player, or even a golfer, you want rotational power. Check out 5 exercises to help build more power in the transverse plane.

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Articles You Shouldn’t Miss

Making the Squat Look and Feel More Like a Squat

Written By: Tony Gentilcore

This is more of a video than an article but some great cues to help make your squat look more like a squat.

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Is Your Lower Body Exercise Selection Feeding Your Upper Body Dysfunction?

Written By: Brett Cummins

Brett gives 4 common upper body dysfunctions and how to choose better lower body exercises based on these issues. If you deal with any upper body injuries, you should check this article out.

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Best Way To Build Your Butt

Want to build a better butt?? Check out what these coaches say is the best way to build your back side.

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Should You “Balance” Your Pushes and Your Pulls?

Eric Cressey tackles a common belief in training. Should you balance your push and pulls?? Well it depends

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