The Best of the Week: Things You Shouldn’t Miss 11/12-11/18

Hope this has been a good week! Friday night started with a downer after the football team at Dacula(the school I work at as an athletic trainer) by 1 point on a blocked PAT. But watching basketball all day at the Craig Sager Memorial Tournament held at our school has been entertaining.

But enough about that, check out some of this weeks best content

My Personal Shenanigans

4 Vertical Jump Training

Check out this article that I wrote on the 4 biggest mistakes people make when trying to increase their vertical jump.

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What Annoys Top Fitness Pros The Most?

I asked some of my strength and conditioning and fitness friends what their biggest pet peeve in fitness was. Check out their responses

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Time to Re-Think Your Injuries

We often think of our aches and pains as occurring because of one instance. This is a misguided notion. It’s time to change that thinking. Find out why.

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Articles You Should Read

Is Early Sports Specialization as Bad as You Think?

Written by: Mike Robertson via

Mike takes an interesting perspective into sports specialization and gives some pointers in to how you can better do “sports specialization”.

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5 Reasons Every High School Should Hire a Full-time Strength Coach

Have kids in high school or are a high school coach…check out why your school should have a strength coach. Coach Micah Kurtz give 5 reasons in fact.

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