The Best of the Week: Things You Shouldn’t Miss 10/8-10/14

Hope you are having a great weekend. Exciting time around our household as we celebrate our youngest little girl’s first birthday. Crazy how time has flown. Some really good information out this week. Some familiar faces and some new people to check out!

My Personal Shenanigans

Do This For a Bigger Bench Press Right Now

Check out one cue that can help you get a big bench with pain free shoulders.

Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

Periodization for Teenage Athletes Part 1, 2. And 3

This was a great article series on long-term programming for high school athletes by Cressey Sports Performance coach John O’Neill. This three part series is definitely worth your time if you train teenage athletes.

In Part I he breaks down the style of periodization they use at CSP. In Part 2 John explains how they use a concurrent method with their athletes who have a low training age. Part 3 goes into detail of how they use the conjugate system with some of their athletes who have been training with them for a while. It’s a great look into their methodology at CSP.

Read Part I Read Part II Read Part III

4 Mistakes Women Make When Deadlifting

Writtten By: Lana Sova via

Lana does a great job of breaking down mistakes she sees women make with the deadlift. Check out this gem she had on the mindset women bring to the deadlift:

For some reason, when it comes to deadlifting, every client turns on her lady-like operations, and treats the barbell like it’s a kitten.

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Something For Your Ears

Mark Bell’s PowerCast-Dr. Andy Galpin Part 1 and 2.

Dr. Galpin makes some great points on disconnecting but also occasionally taking some time to become uncomfortable and making your body adapt. Give it a listen!

Part 1 Part 2

Social Media Shenanigans

Don’t forget, each day in October I am posting a different squat variation! Check out a couple highlights from this week.