The Best of the Week: Things You Shouldn’t Miss 10/29-11/4

Hope everybody had a great week. I know this is a bit late but with a busy week and then  spending my entire Sunday listening to the great Eric Cressey it totally slipped my mind. I do plan on a post based around my top takeaways from Cressey’s shoulder seminar here in the Atlanta area.

But let’s get to the content of the week!

My Personal Shenanigans

4 Squat Variations to Build Your Legs That Are Not The Back Squat

The back squat is great and all but it isn’t for everybody. Check out 4 squat variations that aren’t the back squat to build your legs.

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3 Things I Learned During Squatober

I just finished squatting everyday for a month…find out what life lessons came from the last month.

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Articles You Shouldn’t Miss

10 Fitness Myths That Must Die Part 1 and 2

Written by: James Westhrope

My buddy from down under James Westhrope knocks this two part series out the park! Check out 10 myths that should die right now.

Read Part 1 Read Part 2

Something For Your Ears

Just Fly Sports Performance Podcast #70: Mike Robertson’s: Performance Posture, Single Leg Training, and Athletic Balance

I am a big Mike Robertson fan and love hearing him talk about training. Mike covers a lot in this podcast. Check it out!

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Social Media Shenanigans

This quote has me fired up to start my week. Hope you can get something from it!

I have also start a #JUSTTHETIPoftheday video series where I will discuss and demo different exercise and fitness tips, from exercise form to some of my training beliefs. Check out the first one!