The Best of the Week: Things You Shouldn’t Miss 10/22-10/28

It was a busy week for me so not much content from me but there are some things you definitely shouldn’t miss in the strength and conditioning and fitness world this week.

Articles You Shouldn’t Miss

If Fitness Is Your Identity, I Offer My Condolences

Written By: Lee Boyce

We all know that one person that they only thing they are good for is to talk about fitness. It is their entire life. They talk about their diet and workouts all the time and have nothing much else to offer…well Lee Boyce offers his condolences to these people.

Check out this quick quote from the post:

There’s a huge part of society that needs a club – a figurative gang or camp to belong to, in order to validate their self worth and create their self identity. In my arena, it usually manifests itself in the form of a fundamentalist identity as a “lifter”, or a “vegan”, or a “CrossFitter”, and the list goes on. A feeling of self-identity through any of these things may not seem wrong or harmful, but remember the primary point of fitness training and good nutrition: One’s health. As mentioned, that includes both its physical and mental aspects. Too often one or both of those seem to get compromised.

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Should You Squat Tall Athletes?

Written by: Mike Robertson

This one hits a special place in my heart for one reason, it’s about tall people. Mike makes it clear that he squats his tall athletes and gives reasons why. If you ever doubted should you squat…even if you are short…you should read this article.

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Something For Your Ears

Renegade Radio with Jay Ferrugia Episode #204: Dr. Andy Galpin: Training Methods For Faster Gains

You all must think I have a man crush on Dr. Andy Galpin but any time he talks…I listen. He puts out tons of great content and really knows his stuff. Check out his guest appearance on Jay Ferrugia’s Renegade Radio podcast.

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Social Media Stuff

Squatober is coming to a close. Finding squat variations without becoming too repeatitive is beginning to get tough. Check out a couple highlights from this weeks squat variations.