The Best of The Week: Things You Shouldn’t Miss 9/10-9/16

I had tried this once before but decided to bring it back. Those who have been subscribed have received similar updates each Sunday but I wanted to open it up to everybody else!

Each week The Weekly Review is a weekly segment where I highlight my own content plus some great content you may have missed. There is so much information out there that I hope to provide you with some of the best each week.

My goal is to hopefully share some of the quality information out there for you to consume. Hope you enjoy!

My Personal Shenanigans

The Favorite Upper Body Exercise of Top Fitness Pros

Got the gang back together this week for another edition of “What’s Your Favorite Exercise?” This time it was an upper body exercise edition. Check out what some of the top fitness professionals said was their favorite upper body exercise.

Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

The Perfect Push-up Progression

Written By: Justin Ochoa via TeamBuildr

Justin gives a very practical push-up progression that can help even the novice gym-goer reach their push-up goals.

Here is a teaser quote to lure you in:

The bottom line is that the push-up is too important to use as a space filler, punishment or a throwaway exercise. It’s not an “automatic” exercise that just anyone can pick up and master.

Strength Coaches Build Athletes, Not Bodybuilders (Plus More Wisdom From A Strength Legend)

Written By: Dan John via Train Heroic

When Dan John speaks, I listen and he knocked it out of the park with this one. Check out what Dan John Says about bodybuilding style training in athletes:

This is why your multi-joint movements and explosive lifts are the best. Bodybuilding has some application for rehabilitation, but your multi-joint athletic lifts should be your foundation.

In Defense of the Hip Thrust

Written By: Eric Cressey

There has been a recent backlash against the hip thrust and sports performance but Eric explains why he uses and will continue to use the hip thrust with his athletes.

Check out this quote from his article

While I must admit that I wasn’t particularly surprised at the lack of carryover to sprinting performance, I don’t think it’s time to throw the baby out with the bath water just yet.

Something You Should Listen To

I love podcasts…typically it is my preferred commute entertainment. I will try to provide at least one podcast that you should listen to each week!

Pacey Performance Podcast Episode 153-Eric Cressey

Eric Cressey makes it twice in this weeks review but this podcast was golden. He goes over why he believes power is plane specific and gives a peak into his assessment process. Give it a listen!

Some Social Media Happenings

Check out 2 of my posts from this week. In one I go over my intraworkout concoction that has helped me hydrate better and in turn perform better in my workouts. The second post is a quick accessory circuit that I went through with my new Diesel Accessory Strap from Diesel Strength and Conditioning.

My Intraworkout concoction -8 oz. coconut water -1/2 tsp sea salt -1 tsp creatine monohydrate -Serving of Gatorade or crystal light(depends on intensity of workout, also helps with taste) -Water Learned this from @joshortegonfitness and his fitness group. This mixture provides you with the electrolytes(potassium from coconut water, sodium from the salt) as well as the carbs needed to sustain your intensity within your workout. The added creatine also helps drive water into your cells…helping with that muscle pump that many people are looking for. The Gatorade or crystal light is primarily for taste…salt, coconut water, and water isn't necessarily delicious. But by adding Gatorade you also add carbs to help maintain intensity as well as aid recovery. Try sipping on it throughout your workout. I typically refill with water whenever I get to half empty to continue to string out the contents.

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Hope you have a great week and stay strong!