My Best of 2017: Top 5 Blog Posts

2017 has been a relatively good year considering this is my second year writing a blog. I am by no means a Shakespeare when it comes to writing but if you are writing about something you are passionate about, it becomes a lot easier with practice.

I made a goal of writing 1-2 posts per week and it looks like I was able to pull that off. Here is a review my top 5 articles based on traffic. These are in order of popularity.

5. Why You Need The Inverted Row and 5 Variations

I am a fan of the inverted row…for just about anybody. I explain why and give you 5 variations to keep things interesting.

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4. Why Sports Athletes Shouldn’t Do Crossfit

Crossfit has done a lot of great things for people, but is it the best training for sports athletes?? I’m not so sure and I tell you why

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3. The Favorite Core Exercise of Top Strength Coaches

I like to reach out to a few of my friends and ask them about their favorite exercise or their opinion on training. Here I asked some top strength coaches what their favorite exercise was.

Spoiler…none of them say crunches or sit-ups.

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2. The Biggest Mistakes in High School Strength and Conditioning

This time I asked some of the top coaches who work with high school athletes, whether in the private sector or as a strength coach in a high school, the biggest mistakes seen in training the high school athlete.

Some of this is real gold and I learned a ton from gathering these answers.

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1. High School Athletes Need More Strength and Less Skill

If you’ve followed me for anytime you probably know I am not a huge fan of the current youth athletic development model. I am a firm believer that early specialization is an ineffective and often harmful way in developing our youth athletes.

Apparently a lot of people agreed because this article saw over 30,000 views and actually caused my site to crash at one point. I never thought something I would write would be seen and shared by so many people.

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