4 Benefits of Battle Ropes

If you have followed my blog for any period of time you can probably figure out I am not a fan of running. I have run two half marathons and just didn’t like how my body felt nor how it looked. Go check out 3 Reasons #CardioSucks to find out more reasons I dislike steady-state cardio.

Due to my disdain for steady-state cardio I am always looking for new ways to get my heart rate up and breath hard. This is one of the reasons I am a fan of implementing the battle ropes into my conditioning sessions.

The battle ropes have been used for years by the combat sports like wrestling and mixed-martial arts. Want to get ripped and not have to spend hours running? Add the battle ropes to your workout for a great workout. Here are 4 other benefits of using the battle ropes in your workouts.

1. Low Impact

The battle ropes can really challenge your fitness, but unlike other forms of conditioning or cardio it does not create a lot of wear and tear on your body. The battle ropes do not require the pounding of running a jumping.

The battle ropes are a great conditioning and cardio alternative for those dealing with lower extremity injuries. If you are limited in your lower extremity function, you still have your arms and the battle ropes can be like sprints with the arms. With the battle ropes you are still able to get the heart rate up and lungs burning without causing injury or while dealing with injury.

2. Full Body Exercises

The battle rope exercises require the entire body to work. To properly use the ropes you must activate the entire body or you’ll look like this…


Your limbs and center of mass will be flailing all over the place and you will look more like a circus act that an exercise. The undulating nature of most battle rope exercises is also a great challenge for the core.

The great part about the full body nature of the ropes is a high caloric expenditure. The more muscle mass that you stimulate and use the more calories you burn.

3. Versatile

The battle ropes are a single tool with many uses. You can go with a thinner rope for longer and get more of a cardiovascular workout or you can go with a thicker, heavier rope for more of a strength based workout.

You can also directly train your core. By adding a battle rope to the traditional Russian twist ab exercise you add some serious intensity.

The battle rope can also be used anywhere. All you need is a place to anchor the rope. The rope can be run around a pole as an anchor point or you can run it through a heavy kettlebell.

They offer endless variations to add to your workout. If you can create a rhythmic movement, like the alternating wave or in and outs, you can use the battle ropes.

The battle ropes can also be used while taking the legs out of the equation and really blitz the core. Battle ropes can be used in a tall kneeling position or while long sitting (sitting with legs out in front of you).

Battle ropes can also make bodyweight exercises like lunges and squats more taxing by adding in some alternating waves or ins and outs while completing the exercise.

4. Fun

With all of the variations available to you with the battle ropes, they never get boring. You can also use ropes in a “you go, I go” fashion with a partner.

The ropes can also create some competition with two ropes being used with a partner. You try to “out wave” your partner and make a game out of the exercise.

In my experience I don’t think that I have ever heard anyone say they hate the battle ropes. But I know a lot of people that hate running.


The battle ropes can be a great addition to your workout regiment. They are a low impact full-body exercise with plenty of versatility to keep things fun. Go find you some rope and start experimenting!