3 Things Men Can Learn From Women In The Gym

The gym and especially the weight room can be a male dominated “jungle” of sorts and can be a bit intimidating for women. For your laughing pleasure check out this video on “gym wildlife”.

Luckily, many women have begun to venture into the weight room and start lifting heavy weights. This may be one of the biggest positives to arise from the popularity of Crossfit.

And men could learn a thing or two if they observed their female counterparts in the weight room. Here are 3 things men could learn from women in the gym.

Quality over quantity

Men have a tendency to worry about numbers…

“How much you bench bro” can be heard in gyms all over the world, in every language or dialect. Men will sacrifice form and safety to push a new weight.

This isn’t typically the case with women. Women will often “sacrifice” quantity to keep form.

Don’t train through pain

Men are typically ego-driven in the gym. We can’t show a sign of weakness for fear of losing whatever “dominance” we have established. Basically…men are a bunch of Neanderthals.

We will train through an injury, gritting our teeth through the pain until eventually we break.

Women on the other hand have much more common sense…which I think is a common known fact. Women don’t let their ego get in the way and will not push through pain in idiotic ways like men. If something hurts, they will typically avoid it like the plague or get it checked out.

Men, the weight room isn’t a place for ego. Check it or it will wreck you.

Be a learner

Men seem to think they were born knowing how to lift weights and this often blinds them from learning from others. They often ignore advice from more experienced lifters and it may be after injury or stalled progress that they finally begin to listen.

Conversely, women tend to consider themselves novices in the weight room and are much more open to instruction.

Men, be more like women. Don’t dismiss advice or instruction from a more experienced lifter. They may be seeing their younger self and trying to help you avoid their mistakes.