3 Posts You NEED to Read Before 2017

So to wrap up 2016 I’ve given you the fan favorite posts and my favorite books for the year. This Best of 2016 is more about me….and what I think you should read. Here are 3 posts that can hopefully lead you into a better, stronger, and pain-free 2017.

The Overhead Lifts: Earned Not Given

The overhead lifts require mobility and stability of the shoulders. You must “qualify” for the overhead lifts. Find out what qualifies you and how to get qualified for the overhead lifts

3 Reasons Your Knees Hurt During Squats

An excuse for not squatting is knee pain but it’s nothing more than an excuse. Find out 3 reasons your knees maybe hurting with squatting and how to correct them for pain-free squatting.

Strength Training for Runners

Runners do exactly just that…run. And runners wonder why their knees or back hurt. A stronger body will lead to better posture and a more efficient runner. Strength training is essential to long term health and performance. Find out how to implement strength work into your endurance training


Well that’s it for me in 2016! I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!


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